Giving Back

The Mission

This action is simply our mission.

In a world where there are millions of businesses and thousands of non-profit organizations, we want to be one of those businesses that gives back. It is important to inspire and empower one another to lead a lifestyle that evokes the healthiest version of yourself. We aim to catalyze a motivational spirit that will be an element to help launch you into action to start reaching your goals. Its perseverance & determination that get you to and beyond your dream(s).

How It Works

Each month we have a non-profit organization that we partner with. A portion of every sale made within the charity’s respective month will be donated at the end of that term. All customers will receive a follow-up message as to how their MFT purchase made a difference for that organization.   

How To Get More Involved

If there is a specific non-profit organization that you would like for us to consider in the monthly line-up, simply go to our contact page andlet us know!