We love you so matcha

Japanese Organic Matcha to switch up your daily routine & maximize your health & wellness goals!


Born in Detroit, we present a brand that aims to inspire your daily routine while providing proceeds to non-profit organizations worldwide.

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100% Organic Matcha

Unique to Japan, the matcha tea plant is only grown in the shade, tea leaves are harvested pre-maturely, dried, and stone ground into "Matcha" powder.   

Matcha Fit Fusion

Naturally Flavored Matcha

Matcha is still very new in many countries, including the United States. The flavor of matcha is dominated by its amino acids, so our naturally flavored matcha will give you an extra boost of flavor.


Non-Profit Organizations

Every month, a portion of the proceeds from all purchases will be donated to a non-profit organization. Help us choose an organization via email or social media! 

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