Matcha Fit Tea is a Detroit based company.

The mission is to inspire a healthier lifestyle, while simultaneously giving love back to the world through the purchase of MFT products.

Myself, with the collaboration of my mother started the business to share our love for Matcha, along with the idea of giving back to non-profit organizations. The thought of reaching people like you to help start a new generation of tea drinkers, has triggered us to create a Matcha movement.

Matcha green tea powder is 10 times more nutrient dense than regular green tea, making this one of the most powerful superfoods in the world. We wanted to raise a platform for this amazing nutrient powerhouse, and did our research to insure we were sourcing a product with the highest of standards. We hope you will share in the love of Matcha with us, while together we give back to important causes from around the world.



Born in Detroit, Gabriella has grown up learning the spirit of perseverance, restoration, and supporting the community. Witnessing the revival of a city, that once supported the country and was abandoned is now climbing its way back to the top. This transformation of her hometown has sparked her motivation to create something remarkable.  

Ready to fill her creative & philanthropic passions, she decided to test her business skills and use her marketing degree to build something that inspires others to lead a healthier lifestyle.

“Let’s make our time here count!”